David Wingfield

Once upon a time, David C. Wingfield was that kid in the back of the classroom that was always cracking jokes. Later on, he became that guy in the cubicle next to you that would impersonate your boss. Today, David C. Wingfield is a comedian who can’t believe he gets paid for what he does.  He has performed with some of the most recognizable names in comedy, such as Charlie Murphy (Chappelle’s Show), Dave Attell (Insomniac), and John Witherspoon (Friday), and he has written jokes for other comedians, including Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live). He was the audience warmup comedian for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”, and in 2013, David was selected to compete in Comedy Central’s “Up Next” Talent Search. A favorite for private events, David has performed everywhere from Boy Scout camps and Baptist churches to nursing homes and nudist colonies. And he’s still impersonating your boss.